A balanced diet is essential for a healthy life

Wondering what’s stopping you to maintain your health? Well, the answer is you are not giving your body what it actually needs. A balanced diet is essential for a healthy life.

Our body is a great machine and has a natural mechanism but, it also requires the right portions of 7 superpowers to work effectively. They are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals & water.

Wait, are you scared to include carbs & fats in your meal and are following fad diets to lose weight and improve your health? Then, you are absolutely mistaken. It is very essential to include all these nutrients in your diet.

Balanced diet info-graphic
Balanced Diet

Our body needs the energy to pull through and survive for which carbohydrates are the main source otherwise our body breaks down the proteins from our muscles to provide energy so, don’t avoid carbs.

For our body to function properly it needs proteins as they are the building blocks, which control the body functions & help in growth and repair.

Fats shouldn’t be avoided because they are the major energy stores that help in growth, development & many other body functions.

There are many vitamins that are crucial because they help in the functioning of cells and aid in growth.

Minerals are pivotal and help in nerve functions, building strong bones, and teeth, protecting and maintaining skin, and hair & helping in other metabolic processes.

To keep our gut healthy, we need fiber because it plays a major role in regulating bowel movements and in flushing out the toxins from the body.

Water is the necessary liquid our body needs as it helps to maintain our body temperature, and eliminate toxins and waste from our body. So, drinking good amounts of water is very helpful to stay hydrated.

It is very important to include all the food groups to provide all the essential nutrients to our body but, portion control is the point to remember. It is a myth that carbs and fat will make you obese but, in fact, overdoing the calories does.

So, eating all kinds of food in proportion and drinking an adequate amount of water will make your body healthy and also helps in weight loss. Eating seasonal fruits & veggies is the best and most simple way to progress a balanced diet and enhance the immune system. Eventually results in a long and happy life.

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