Iron is an essential mineral our body needs to carry out several functions. The recommended dietary allowance of iron is different for different age groups. Women need iron in high amounts during pregnancy and lactation period. Iron plays an important role in our body and is required for the proper functioning of the body

Here are the top most iron-rich foods

  • Iron is the key element for the formation of Hb(Hemoglobin) of RBC and plays a key role in oxygen transport.
  • It enhances the functioning of the brain, concentration, and memory.
  • It boosts the activity of the innate immune system in the body.
  • It aids in growth and development.
  • It guarantees a healthy and safe pregnancy.
  • It manages the body temperature.
Iron-rich foods including Millet, Spinach, Ragi, Sweet Potato, Eggs, Red meat, Apple, Chickpeas, Sesame seeds, and Pumpkin seed
Iron-Rich Foods

Iron-rich sources are mainly millets, pulses, cereals, and green leafy vegetables.

Ragi (Finger millet): It is a gluten-free whole grain. Ragi is a good source of iron. It not only contains iron but also is a mixture of calcium, amino acids, and vitamin D. It helps in weight loss. It is helpful for people who are having low Hb levels. Ragi can be consumed in the form of malt, roti, and cookies.

Spinach: One of the best sources of iron is spinach. Spinach is not only a great source of iron but also of calcium and vitamin C.

Bajra (Pear Millet): Bajra is packed with iron, fiber, protein, phosphorous, and magnesium. Bajra can be consumed in the form of Dosa, Roti, Thepla, and Cookies.

Sesame Seeds: Sesame seeds are a rich source of iron, calcium, and magnesium. Sesame seeds help lower cholesterol and they strengthen bones. Sesame seeds can be consumed in the form of laddoos, oil, chips, rolls, etc.

Sweet Potato: Sweet potatoes contain good amounts of iron. Sweet potato is full of nutrients. It boosts immunity. It promotes heart health.

Eggs: Eggs contain heme iron which is absorbed better by the body than non-heme iron which is found in plants. Eggs are one of the top sources of iron.

Red Meat: Red meat (lamb, mutton, beef, pork) contains heme iron and is iron-rich. Meat is a good source of protein and provides us with essential amino acids.

Apple: Apple is one of the rich sources of iron. It perfectly justifies the adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apple can be a good option to increase the Hb levels.

Chickpeas: They are the best sources of iron. Chickpeas are packed with fiber, calcium, and magnesium. They strengthen bones. They also contain other nutrients.

Pumpkin Seeds: They are iron and magnesium-rich and also contain other nutrients like calcium, zinc, folate, B2, and beta-carotene. They boost the immune system.

Other Foods: Broccoli, Kale, Seafood, Apricots, Raisins, Collard greens, Beans, Quinoa, and Figs.

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