Sujok Therapy is a straightforward technique that yields remarkably effective results. It is a healing methodology based on acupressure. All of the active points in the body, which correlate to all of the human body’s organs or components, are represented by the palm and foot in Sujok. By applying pressure all around and feeling pain at a specific location, one can determine the diseased or malfunctioning part. The presence of discomfort indicates the need for stimulation or seed therapy to provide the associated body part with greater energy.

Su means hand and Jok means foot in Korean. It is predicated on the idea that the human body’s hands and feet have a built-in mechanism to treat diseases. Dr. Minchul, whose father Prof. Park Jae Woo invented the Sujok therapy, says there are numerous modalities involved in this, including finger tapping, acupressure with a needle, and harmonic sound. Park Jae Woo first drew comparisons between the human body and a palm when he was just eight years old. After learning about anatomy, he believed there must be a purpose for this similarity. He completed his Sujok hypothesis, which has subsequently gained popularity around the globe.

How is Sujok therapy carried out?

This treatment essentially uses acupressure. This is because acupressure can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions. This is accomplished by stimulating the precise hand or foot locations that relate to the concerned body portion.

  • Thumb

It stands in for the head and neck. There are just two sections. The head is represented by the tip, and the neck by the lower portion.

  • Little and Index fingers 

They stand in for the respective left and right arms. Its three parts, beginning at the base of these fingers, stand for the upper arm, lower arm, and palm.

  • ring and middle fingers

They stand in for the left and right legs, respectively. Its three divisions, beginning at the base of these fingers, stand for the thigh, calf, and foot.

  • Bulky area of the palm (below the thumb)

The heart and lungs are to the left of the diaphragm, which it represents.

  • The back of the hand correlates to the back, while the palm depicts the torso. The feet are similar in that they likewise house all the body parts.

One must gently press the hand or leg point that corresponds to the affected body part to begin the healing process. Sujok thus strives to achieve harmony and balance of energy in the body and mind.

Benefits of Sujok therapy 

  • All of the body’s organs or meridians are represented by the palm and foot in the Sujok treatment. Jok denotes foot, while Su means hand. Sujok has no negative side effects. This treatment is completely risk-free, straightforward, and user-friendly, even for patients. The stimulation of these points has a therapeutic impact since the hands and feet are the locations of systems of active points relating to all organs and body components.
  • This approach is common to all. Several different ailments can be treated with Sujok. During the treatment, there is no requirement for any safety measures. One of the safest therapies ever because it is natural and only treats the natural forces within and around the body.
  • Sujok therapy is incredibly effective at treating different mental disorders, including phobias, depression, anxiety, addiction, etc. It assists by improving overall balance and mental and physical well-being.
  • All types of injuries involving the neck, hands, feet, and joints, among others, greatly benefit from Sujok therapy. Along with other skin and reproductive issues, it also addresses inflammation and other issues like arthritic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and gout.
  • Sujok therapy is a type of acupressure that targets particular places on the hands and feet to treat various conditions. Additionally, it uses pressure stimulation, seeds, and semi-precious stones to assist treat conditions including diabetes and kidney stones.
  • Sujok treatment offers significant promise for managing obesity. The therapy improves blood flow while lowering excess cholesterol. therefore facilitating simple weight management.

Sujok makes it simple to diagnose issues. One can solve the issue by applying pressure to the necessary spots and in the appropriate directions.

Physical Recovery:

BP, Headache, Bronchitis, Asthma, Stomach acidity, Ulcer, Constipation, Migraine, and Vertigo among others is irritable bowel syndrome, Mental Recovery

Acupressure for Hand-Body Anger, Fear, and Worries:

The portions of the hand will match certain bodily parts if the center is the pit of the human stomach and the head is rotated by 140 degrees. The head and neck are indicated by the thumb, the chest by the fleshy portion of the palm beneath the thumb, and the abdomen by the palm as a whole. While the index and little fingers represent the arms, the middle and ring fingers represent the legs. The hand is the part of the human body that most closely resembles the entire body structurally.


  • The big toe is applied to the head and neck, the circular pad under the big toe is applied to the chest, and the palm of the foot is applied to the abdomen. The third and fourth toes, respectively, represent the legs, whereas the second and fifth toes, the arms.
  • Left Foot: The second toe points to the right arm, the third toe points to the right leg, and the fifth toe points to the right arm.
  • Right Foot: The third toe points to the right leg, the fourth toe points to the left leg, and the five-toe points to the left arm

Many people from Korea and other nations are thought to have benefited from this therapy. Simple illnesses like a cold, sore throat, or backaches can be treated using it as a self-care method by the average person.

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