A wonderful substitute for visiting a yoga studio is online yoga.

Yoga has become a popular thing to improve the lifespan of human beings in recent years. Yoga not only helps us to get in shape but also gave us spiritual healing. If we combined it with breathing and meditation, it acts as the best element to take care of our mind, body, and soul. The asanas of yoga help us to reduce muscle tension, and joint issues and relax our sympathetic system which results in a relaxed mind. There are a lot of yoga poses that help us to manage our anxiety and blood pressure levels. 

This pandemic period has taught that yoga is the best thing to adopt as a healthy lifestyle habit. It not only helps us build a strong physique but also helps us to improve our mental and spiritual health systems. Different forms of yoga can help us to stay physically and mentally balanced. Yoga brings its flavor and benefits to the table, which can be performed by people of all ages, and provides you with a holistic sense of health, which is especially required during these times. 

Now this question arose: is it worth joining yoga classes online rather than going to a yoga studio? If you are a beginner and also an introvert who doesn’t like to go to yoga studios then online yoga is the best option for you. If we talk about these days yoga had increased in popularity, and more new ways are there to get on your mat to practice. You can not only catch a class on YouTube or download lessons on a smartphone application you can also sign up for an online yoga subscription.

A monthly membership at a yoga studio can be pricey and it can be hard to always make it there in time for class. Instead of giving up on your practice altogether though, here are four reasons you can give online yoga classes a try. 

The time and space are yours:

You don’t have to arrive at a studio at any certain time, online yoga allows you to select the time of the day that suits you to practice anywhere. If you’re a morning bird or a night owl, the ability to roll out your mat at any given time offers a great amount of freedom and allows you to commit to your practice in a way that is simple and easy. Perhaps you have just popped your baby down for a nap and have time to move or meditate or maybe you’re traveling and taking your laptop allows you the opportunity to practice in your hotel room or perhaps you have set up a sacred space in your own home where you love to flow. Online yoga means you can practice anywhere at any time without skipping important events.

Plenty of choices:

Let’s get this straight, we all love choices and after the pandemic at some point, some of us want to attend everything online just because of its availability everywhere whether you are attending your sister’s marriage or exploring the world by multitasking. Not only this, this era has increased the options to select different teachers, various styles, guest lectures, and special workshops. Flow with acclaimed teachers who you may never get the chance to practice in ‘real-life.’

Practice in private: 

Maybe you are not comfortable doing yoga in the yoga studio or maybe you are finding it difficult to focus in a room full of people because you are a little subconscious. Online classes allow you to grow in your practice in the comfortable aura of your home with the support of a teacher right there with you. Whether you are just a beginner or taking your yoga practice at an advanced level, or a beginner, building space to develop your relationship with yoga increases your experience and develops a relationship with yoga making it a deeply personal and nourishing experience.


Online yoga classes help us to connect with the world, while also helping us to get a deeper connection with ourselves as well. The digital realm maintains that special connection that you get through your practice of yoga. Online classes still have the power to transport you into the present moment and guide you to enjoy your body and soul as well. Online yoga classes are a simple and powerful way to build connectivity, inspired, and teach to remain committed to learning.

Developing a love for the pause:

Have trouble balancing any pose? Want to work on Utkatasana (Chair Pose) for a little longer? Want more time to practice your favorite pose?

Practicing yoga online comes with so many unique benefits that a studio class could never offer and the pause button is one of them. Taking a little extra time in postures or poses that you are working towards mastering is very easy with online classes. And the best part? You can pause in every asana. Online yoga has much more benefits than all of the above but it doesn’t always have a positive side, it does have some negative sides as well if you are a beginner while making some poses you do need some monitoring during online yoga classes and you might also face some of the technical issues if you are having bad connections. There are many reasons to join online yoga classes but also minor setbacks that can be overcome by taking more classes online.  For those who travel most time, virtual yoga classes can be a good deal to cut without a second opinion.

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