Exercise is the most important thing to lead a healthy lifestyle. Exercise benefits both body and mind. This activity keeps our muscles in shape, helps us maintain a healthy weight, and improves our mood. To reap all these benefits, it is important to choose the best time to exercise.

The best time to exercise is different for every person. Some might prefer it in the morning, but others in the evening. That being said, morning and evening exercise have their own advantages.


  • Consistent schedule – Your body is still fresh in the morning, so you won’t skip exercises because of tiredness.

  • Improve your sleep – Exercising in the morning means that you have to sleep early to wake up early the next day.

  • Increase productivity – Morning exercise will increase your energy levels, focus, and alertness for the day.


  • Already warmed up – Since you’re already doing an activity before exercise, your body has already warmed up.

  • Can relieve stress – Exercise in the evening is a good way to relieve stress pumped from working.

  • Replace bad habits – You can replace your bad habit after working such as snacking or watching by exercising.
Morning vs Evening Exercise infographic
Morning vs Evening Exercise – Portrait View
morning vs evening exercise
Morning vs Evening Exercise – Landscape View

Some people prefer exercising in the morning because it shakes off stress from their mind and body and it helps them focus better later during the day. Others prefer exercising in the evening because they are more energized by exercising in the evening and they go to bed more easily afterward.


There is no universal rule that states what time of day is the best to exercise. It all depends on what works best for you and your personal goals.

At the end of the day, exercising is good for your mental and body health no matter when you decide to do it. The key is to keep consistent when doing your exercise. Even better if you are consistently doing it at the same time every day.

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